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What’s My Body Type?

What’s My Body Type?

Have you ever wondered why it was so hard to get lean or trim in certain areas? You know what I mean… we all have those stubborn parts that tend to hold fat more than other areas. Or maybe you’re trying to gain some muscle and you’re gaining in areas other than the ones you’re targeting! Why is that?? I’m here to tell you that it might be because of your specific body type!

The Three Body Types

People fall into one of three main categories of body types: ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph. I know, I know… they sound a little like alien species, but this is information that can really help you on your journey to living your best life!! Each of these types holds fat differently, builds muscle differently, and responds to exercise differently… which means your approach to fitness and health will be different depending on which type you fall into. Obviously, there is a wide variety of shapes and sizes within these three categories, so these are just broad strokes to help you figure out how to be your best. We all have genetics to deal with! Let’s break down the types so you can see which one you are!


This type is the long, lean body. It’s often a rectangular shape where your shoulders and hips are similar in width. You are probably the same general size all the way up and down. This type has a fast metabolism, making it hard to gain weight… but also somewhat hard to build muscle. It’s important to eat a balanced diet, but don’t hold back on the protein or be afraid of carbs if you’re looking to add some muscle mass! Heavier weights with longer periods of rest between sets are ideal if you’re looking to tone up your physique. I can help nip and tuck you in all the right places with my BARRE BODY weight exercises and light weights. You always have the option of using some heavier weights when I suggest it during my classes!


This is the type with a curvy, fuller figure that many women either love about themselves or really struggle with! This type is a bit softer and rounder and tends to hold weight in the butt and thighs and often has narrower shoulders. Your metabolism is often slower than the other types, which makes weight gain easier… and once it’s there, this body type likes to hold on to it. But don’t worry if this is you!! It’s me, too! As long as you are aware that you can gain weight more easily, you already know how to fight back!

High intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts are good for you along with eating foods that help boost your metabolism! Some good metabolism-boosting foods include lean meats, berries, vegetables, lentils, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts! Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and calcium are also good supplements for speeding up your metabolism. As a reminder, you can always email me to purchase B-12 shots from my husband’s energy clinic! I take one every ten days or so! They are $20 each plus shipping and handling—I usually purchase four at a time. If you are interested, send me an email at laurenfoxondemand@gmail.com!

My barre fusion class helps you, too, because it is a HIIT class that sculpts and lifts! Remember, this is my body type, so I’m very familiar with what it takes to get it under control! I’m so excited to announce that I will be adding some 30-minute HIIT classes to my Lauren Fox On Demand library beginning in September!


This is too often idealized as the “best type,” but it isn’t true! This type is characterized by a long torso and shorter limbs and tends to be good at explosive exercises. This set of genes sets you up well for power and strength… but you still have to maintain your healthy lifestyle just like the other two types! While this athletic body type tends to gain and lose weight easily as well as building muscle mass properly, it does not mean everyone should wish they were a mesomorph. This type may have genetics working a little more in their favor, but it doesn’t mean it’s definitively better. If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that you have to accept the genes you’ve been dealt and appreciate your body for what it is! When you can do that, THEN you’re ready to start working toward your fitness goals.

Other Body Types

Aside from the three types above, there are other ways people often refer to common types… sometimes they can even be mixtures of the three main types. Ever heard of someone saying she is “pear-shaped” or “apple-shaped?” These types have more bulk in the middle or curves. I’m like that… I hold weight in the middle like the apple shape! The pear shape is actually a combination of a thinner upper body (like an ectomorph) and a thicker lower body (like an endomorph). The apple shape is just the opposite—a thicker upper body (endomorph) and a thinner lower body (ectomorph). So, whether you’re a pure version of a main type or somewhere in between, it’s useful to take a little time to figure out where you fall on the spectrum so you can work smarter, not harder!!

Get Your Mind Ready

Now that you have a better idea of what body type you might have, it’s good to acknowledge that no matter the hand you’ve been dealt by the genetic lottery, getting in shape is primarily a mental battle. That’s right—it’s not just your body that needs to be whipped into shape!! Your mind plays a major role in living your healthiest life. I’ve heard it said that “the body achieves what the mind believes,” and I think that is so true! If you are down on yourself for not wanting to work hard enough and frustrated that your body naturally holds weight in that stubborn midsection, you need to turn that around before you expect to see physical changes! Your body is capable of more than you realize. Convince your mind that you can do it and I believe you can! And when you’re ready to get started, check out my new classes at https://www.laurenfoxondemand.com! It’s never too late to get into shape!

Until next time, xoxo! 🦊


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