Unleash the Beast, My Beauties!|fitness tips for women by Lauren

Unleash the Beast, My Beauties!

Unleash the Beast, My Beauties!

Unleash Your Beast by Lauren Fox On Demand's barre workout

Alright y’all… today I’m excited to light a fire under your butt! It’s time to get to work! I’ve always found that there are some people who are just naturally more inclined to want to work out than others.  Some people love it… like me! Other people like the feeling after they’ve exercised but don’t like it while they’re in the middle of doing it. Still others do it because only they know it’s good for them and want to live a healthy life but don’t really enjoy it. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, I think this post can apply to you!

When’s the last time you went ALL OUT for something? I’m talking about a time you gave all your energy, attention, and effort to a single task in the moment. What do you work really hard for? Maybe it’s your career or being a good family member. It could be something big or small! For some people their hard work truly is for their health and body. We all work hard for something… And if you aren’t working hard now, I bet you USED to! I know we get tired as we age, but hear me out… I want to talk to you about “unleashing the beast.”

It’s easy to go after something half-heartedly, but what if you dove in all the way? What if you let go of how you thought something was supposed to go and let your commitment to the present moment become the most important thing? You can’t change the past or control the future, so you might as well give the present everything you’ve got, right ladies??

I really believe that for some of us, our key to success—in physical health and in other areas of our lives—lies in unleashing the beast. That’s right… I’m talking about letting go and zeroing in on whatever it is you are doing… even to the point of feeling like it’s overkill. Maybe that’s working out at Celeb Barre with me, or maybe it’s giving a presentation to your colleagues at work. Whatever it is… don’t be afraid to fully commit and make that moment the BEST it can be!

When it comes to exercise, sometimes I wonder if we are afraid to really get into it. We may fear not being as capable as we thought. We may be afraid of looking silly in front of others. We might even think there’s no chance of seeing change… so what’s the point in trying? I am here to tell you that the BEST thing you can do is to block out all that negativity and doubt and just go for it. Give it your all! Unleash the beast we all have inside to reach the next level! The way to do that is focusing on the present. When you start a workout, don’t stress about the workday, the mess at home, what’s for dinner, or even who looks cuter in their workout clothes. Focus on YOUR time and YOUR workout. Give that beast inside the chance to show you all its power… all its potential! You just might surprise yourself. Don’t be afraid to sweat, stink, and take a moment to recover later on. Let it all go, ladies!

When you’re with your family or friends, focus on giving them your undivided attention! Be present and enjoy what you have right in front of you! No matter what you find yourself doing in the day-to-day, take a moment to remind yourself that you are where you are… and no where else! One thing at a time! By doing so, you are setting yourself up for success across the board.

It’s time to unleash the beast, my beauties. I’ll be doing it right here with you. I hope to see you in class soon or sign up for my video classes. Work out on your schedule!

Until next time, xoxo! 🦊


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