The Wealth is in Your Health-Exercise routine for women by Lauren

The Wealth is in Your Health

The Wealth is in Your Health

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It’s easy to compare ourselves to those around us. “I’m not as wealthy, not as pretty, not as young, not as __________.” However you fill in the blank, it’s not a healthy way of thinking. You have so much to offer! There’s no need for you to be like anybody else or worry about the thing’s others have and you don’t. It’s time we all realize that our greatest wealth is in our health! Invest in that!

You could have all the money in the world, the biggest house, and the nicest car, but without your health, what do you REALLY have? Does the rest even matter? Possessions are great of course, but what could you possess that is greater than your own personal health and wellbeing??

Let’s take a look at some things that often hold us back from living our healthiest lives and how we can invest in our health.

One issue we all face from time to time is inflammation. Certain foods are known to cause inflammation more than others. Try to stay away from too much sugar and high-fructose corn syrup. Fruits and vegetables naturally have small amounts of fructose, which is fine, but giving your body too much inhibits your health. Eating too much sugar can lead to higher risk for heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Inflammation is just the start. So stay away from too much sugar!

It’s also a good idea to avoid drinking too much alcohol, as this can lead to increased inflammation as well. Take it in moderation, but don’t go overboard every time you drink. Heavy drinking can also lead to organ damage—it creates problems with bacterial toxins moving out of the colon and into the body. Take it slow and light!

Finally, avoid inflammation by staying away from too much processed meat. Eating too much processed meat has been linked to colon cancer, among other issues.

Eating well is only half the battle. You’ve got to get moving!! There are little things you can do everyday that increase the balance in your health bank.

Take the stairs when you can. Go on walks. Stretch in the morning and evening. Try some meditative breathing to reduce stress. Work standing up when possible. Ride your bike through the neighborhood. Dance around the kitchen. Find whatever it takes to get you MOVING!

Try my classes at Lauren Fox on Demand to mix it up! When you’re too busy to make it to class, my instructional workout videos are right there, ready for you! The key is to start now with whatever you can. Do some sit-ups or pushups! Jog your driveway! Walk anytime you can. Invest in your health and it will return the favor!

Do you believe that your body is worth taking care of? Because IT IS! You only get one body, so take care of it and use it properly! Fuel it with whole, unprocessed foods. Get it moving every chance you get. Invest in the only thing you’ll have for your entire life! Trust me, it will pay off!!

Until next time, xoxo! 🦊


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