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The Glam Sham

The Glam Sham

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What if we didn’t layer on the makeup or dress to impress other people each time we left the house? How often do we think about what we love about our bodies rather than what we want to change?

As many of you know, I am marrying the love of my life in a few short weeks… so I am in full wedding mode! It’s keeping me extra busy, but I could not be more EXCITED! With the wedding coming up so fast, I wanted to take a minute and write about something Ricky brought to my attention that really stuck with me. Ricky used to hate my hair and eyelash extensions! I dumped them, and WHEW was it a relief! My head and my eyes feel so much better without them! I realized Ricky likes me best before I’m all made up for the day, but do we look at ourselves like that?

As women, how often do we wake up, look in the mirror, and think about how beautiful we are?

The world around us is constantly making us feel like we need to put on our best to be accepted and valued. But it’s just not true! We need to learn to forgo the “Glam Sham” and keep it natural sometimes! If we learn to love ourselves without being all fixed up, we’ll be able to love other people that way, too.

Feeling good in your own skin doesn’t always come easy, and it isn’t only about nutrition and exercise! As important as those things are to me, I know there is more to feeling like the best version of you.

When’s the last time you focused on what you love about yourself? About your body? Your face? Your personality? It’s not a crime to love yourselves, ladies! We NEED to in order to be our best! Try taking a couple minutes each morning to admire something about YOU. Maybe it’s your thick hair or pretty hands or strong arms. It can be anything! The better you treat yourself, the better you can treat other people. It’s more than our bodies, too. What’s your favorite part of your personality? Are you fun-loving? Kind? Have a great sense of humor? Entertaining? Easy-going? If you’re having a hard time figuring out what you love about yourself, ask a close friend! They can remind you of all the goodness you bring to the world and all the reasons they love you!

It’s crazy to think how much effort we can put into appearances without even thinking about it. It’s a reflex for most of us! We can hardly start the day without getting made up properly. But don’t forget to give yourself those moments to appreciate all you’ve got going on! Strut your stuff, sister! Love your body and your personality! Sometimes all it takes is a few moments or someone you’re close with to remind you that you are beautiful without all the extra fixing up.

When you start to love who you are, I think you’ll find it’s actually easier to become who you want to be. Wanting to change your body isn’t a bad thing, but you have to let yourself enjoy your body, too. Appreciate yourself first, and you’ll find it’s not so hard to get to work at those goals! Don’t let the “Glam Sham” fool you into thinking you’re anything less than you are!

Want to feel good about YOU? Come join me at Sleek Physique or on Lauren Fox on Demand! We’re a community working to be the best we can be no matter our age,  where we are or what we do! If you need a group to get you feeling good, too, you’ve found the right place!

Until next time, xoxo! 🦊

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