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Shake & Bake the Healthy Way
Fitness Tips for Losing Weight the Healthy Way!

Shake & Bake the Healthy Way
Fitness Tips for Losing Weight the Healthy Way!

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I know we have all heard about one fad diet or another, but you must beware! You do not want to lose weight in an unhealthy manner.   It won’t last…you will regain what you lost plus 20 most of the time!  & a lot of times you will lose muscle instead of the fat you are aiming to lose!  For example, I am so against these diets that actually tell you do not work out. That is a huge red flag!  You need work out in conjunction with eating healthier to reach healthy goals.

So, how do you shake & bake the healthy way?

Well first, take “diet” out of the equation!!!  This is a lifestyle endeavor, not a diet.  If you are like me that “dirty” word gets in my head & defeats me every time. I feel like I’m being deprived & I screw up.  So, let’s take a different approach…making some small changes daily which will have a big effect over time.

Let’s make a list of some small changes to start with:

  • drink more water! (Make it even more refreshing & detoxifying by adding lemon to your water!) Replace the sweet tea, the soda, the juices because they have so many calories with no nutritional value.  These empty calories add up & add weight onto you!!  Check this out
  • Replace your processed food snacks like chips & crackers with dense, nutritious snacks like nuts, raw vegetables & berries (not fruit because fruit turns to sugar which in turn spikes insulin which in turn makes you store fat!) more to come on that subject later!!
  • Start exercising…you have to move it to lose it! Remember I said eat healthier in conjunction with exercise. You want to convert globby fat to lean muscle because in turn you want that lean muscle to spike your metabolism to make you a lean fat burning machine!  Or another way to think about it is to make you a Ferrari (or a Maserati, Porsche or whatever your dream car might be!)  vs a hooptie! Would you pour junk food (fuel) into your Ferrari?!?!  No, of course not, so do not do that to YOU!  You would put nutritious, high octane fuel in that high dollar car!  You need to think of yourself as a well oiled, high dollar machine that you need to keep fine tuned. Don’t let it get rusty & unusable. (Plus you want to stay fine tuned in case someone wants to take you out for a spin!!) So, get active, not rusty! Nervous about getting started? You can always start out modifying your workouts if you are worried because maybe you haven’t worked out in a while. But you have to start somewhere & deal with the body you have today. That fine car can always be refurbished if it was let go for a while & so can you! Just do it! You always have my online workouts as an option.  I show modifications for everything.
  • Choose healthier meal options. Let’s talk about the obvious…no fried foods, no dairy (have you ever seen a skinny cow?!?! I didn’t think so), opt for baked, grilled, sautéed or broiled pastured meats or wild caught fish which you have heard many times, but it is worth repeating!  Roasted vegetables cooked in olive oil or avocado oil are a much better choice over mashed potatoes or macaroni & cheese for that Ferrari…just saying!   Another good choice is salad.  You can eat as much lettuce as you want, but stay away from iceberg as often as possible. My go-to is a Caesar with no croutons, no cheese.   I love these ingredients, but they would mess up that Ferrari engine over time, so I try not to order them.  Can I tell you how awesome a Caesar salad with no croutons, no cheese, topped with grilled shrimp or grilled red snapper is?!?!  (dressing on the side & dip your fork in as you go) Soooo good!  Try it please!  Well I could go on & on, but I will let you start with these small changes & give you more food for thought (& a flatter tummy) later!  Talk again soon!

Until next time, xoxo! 🦊


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