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Self Care Tips

Self Care Tips

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Building Your Own Personal Routine!!!  😊   

What is self-care? 

The word “self-care” is buzzing right now, and I wanted to take some time with y’all to break down what it really means! If we’re looking for a clear definition, self-care is “the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health.” Sounds pretty straight forward, right?? Self-care can change from person to person… people need different things to be healthy sometimes!

What helps me might not help you to the same extent, and vice versa. So how do we know what we need?

Finding Your Personal Needs

It’s easy to think of what we need as something we probably don’t want. Remember when you were a kid and you were told time and time again to eat your veggies?? Yes, they’re good for you, but taking care of yourself doesn’t have to mean doing things you dislike. Self-care is about refueling your mind and body! It’s not an accidental act, either. Self-care should be something you implement into your routine—something you do for yourself on purpose!

When crafting a self-care routine, there are some simple, basic ways to get started. Eat healthy foods, exercise, meditate, get adequate sleep, express gratitude and spend time with people you love. Beyond that, it’s up to you! What makes you laugh? What brings you happiness? What allows you to forget the stresses of the day? What are you grateful for? Find these things in your life and create your self-care regimen.

Crafting Your Self-Care Plan

Now that we know what it is… how do we do it? I think one of the most useful ways to start is within your normal, everyday routine. The real power comes when you are able to care for yourself in the midst of chaos and stress. Our brain needs pauses throughout the day! Self-care is an excellent way to do that. Maybe you take a walk at work or send a text to a friend or family member just to say hi. Surviving the day and decompressing at home isn’t a sustainable way to live! You’re at a much higher risk for dissatisfaction and burnout. Find those little moments throughout the day to give yourself some TLC! Your time to recharge doesn’t have to wait until you’re away from work. Look for ways to care for yourself while you’re in the thick of it.

Self-Care Means Knowing Yourself

If you’re going to get good at this, you have to know yourself well! How can you care for someone without knowing what he or she needs? When done right, self-care is not indulgent or selfish. It’s a way of making sure you are at your best! That way all the people around you will be able to enjoy the best version of you… and you’ll feel your best, too! If you’ve never thought about self-care, take some time to consider what you love to do! What fuels you and gives you energy? What activities do you enjoy? Whatever it is, make effort to incorporate those things into your routine one way or another. You’ll be happier and healthier for it!

Until next time, xoxo! 


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