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Pay Attention!
…to Your Health!

Pay Attention!
…to Your Health!

Xoxo, Lauren🦊 How often do y’all think about how valuable your health is? Most of y’all have heard me use the saying “your wealth is in your health,” and it’s true! Health is the most important thing we have!! I recently had a crazy experience that reminded me of that!

Getting Sick

We all get sick sometimes. There’s hardly any way to avoid it altogether! We can get our flu shots and wash our hands, but sometimes we still get something that’s going around and start feeling gross. That happened to me about a week ago… I was feeling bad and took myself to the doctor. If you are serious about staying on top of your health, you need to act like it! Go see a doctor when you aren’t feeling well and don’t know what’s wrong. You never know when it could be something more serious! When I went to the doctor, I thought I might have the flu… I felt really bad! They did the flu test and it came back negative. Then they thought it might be strep, but that also came back negative. It’s a good thing I went because I sure didn’t know what was going on with my body! All I knew was that I couldn’t handle it at home and needed help getting back on track. We have to take active steps to stay healthy! Don’t always expect issues to resolve on their own! Better yet… get healthy now so that when sickness does come along, you’re ready to fight it!!

Finding a Solution

When your body needs to recover, find a solution that works best. There are two major keys to remember. First, make sure you have as much information on your health issue as you possibly can! This will help you and the doctor figure out how to best treat the problem. Second, be in good health year-round so that when you do get sick, you’re better prepared to fight it off! Taking care of yourself when you’re feeling good can help you heal faster and more efficiently when you start feeling bad.

As it turns out, I had a kidney infection! I had never felt so bad! My fingernails were purple and I was at the beginning stage of sepsis. The doctor said he would have sent anyone else straight to the hospital where they would likely have stayed for a week or longer. He said my body was doing an amazing job fighting through it all, so I got to stay at home and heal there. This is the most important reason we all need to exercise and eat better! I feel like my body was a lean, mean, fighting machine and I am SO grateful for that! The best way to handle getting sick is to be as healthy as you can in your day-to-day life! Don’t forget this, ladies!

Your Health Matters

I was thinking about this experience and was truly reminded how important our health is. We take it for granted too often! When things are going well and we feel fine, we can forget all the things we should be doing to ensure we STAY healthy for the long run!! Health isn’t a one and done thing! It’s a lifestyle… and an ongoing process! What are some ways you can better take care of yourself on a daily basis? It can be little things like getting enough sleep, eating a healthy, balanced diet, and exercising regularly! Take charge and make a change! We only get one body – take care of it! It’s truly the most important thing you have!

As fall rolls in, sickness starts to spread. Pay attention to your health and stay on top of taking care of yourself!! It’s worth it, y’all!

Until next time, xoxo! 🦊


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