New Year, A New Decade, A New FIT You! Amazing things lie ahead! - Lauren Fox On Demand

New Year, A New Decade, A New FIT You!
Amazing things lie ahead!

New Year, A New Decade, A New FIT You!
Amazing things lie ahead!

As we head into the New Year, I had some thoughts I’d like to share. It’s always a good idea to take note of the year we are leaving behind—2019—what did it mean for you? What did you learn? There is always some good and some bad, and we all have both disappointments and accomplishments. But we are still here and heading into a new year, a new decade!! Give gratitude for what you have learned and let’s get excited about 2020 and what amazing things lie ahead!

Planning for the Future

What are your goals for the next ten years? Where do you see yourself? I would love to have a small place on the beach because that’s my happy place!! I can film my videos anywhere, so I’d love to live at the beach at least six months out of the year and continue to grow and learn as well. I have a lot to accomplish in 2020 and the entire next decade! I want to help more people globally and get them in the best shape of their lives, making it affordable and convenient. I want to help our youth by teaching them that fitness can be fun and healthy nutrition is a must to live a good life. Ricky and I want to foster these healthy lifestyles because the statistics are in, and the future is grim for our children!

The Fox Fitness Project

Because of the dangers of childhood obesity, we have started our own non-profit, the Fox Fitness Project, to fight against childhood obesity. We really believe that the best gift we can give the kids of today is a healthy childhood. Did you know that one in three children and adolescents (ages 2-19) are overweight or obese? Children who eat healthy foods and get adequate physical activity have fewer school absences, higher academic achievement, higher self-esteem, and fewer behavioral problems. It’s clear that this is a problem in our world today, and I want to help where I can! When 40 to 50 percent of toddlers today sit and watch more television than is recommended and nearly half of preschoolers don’t get enough physical activity, we need to find a way to get kids moving and teach them about healthy eating!

Get Ready for the New Decade

Children aren’t the only people who are at risk, however. It’s also been found that women gain a minimum of ten pounds a decade! It’s crucial to minimize this by adopting a regular exercise regime and eating healthier. You can get started by signing up for my classes at for less than a dollar a day! Your body, your health, and your life are worth that! Also, go to my website and click the menu button (the three bars at the top right) then click “store.” You will see my nutrition plan there. You can purchase it and get started immediately on a new you!! There are two phases plus some of my fat burning recipes. You’ll also get forever access to the new recipes and tips that I give monthly!

For my two-phase program, you’ll start with Phase 1: Get Foxy Fast! This will jump-start your transformation! Phase 2, Foxy Forever, will help you get fit at a slower pace, but will also help you maintain that new foxy figure!!  Give yourself the gift of health this year!

In addition to everything you can find on my website, I will also offer personal training via FaceTime or Skype in 2020 in case you need me to push you over the hump!! I am here for you—just make the decision to let me help you lose weight, feel great, and live a healthier, longer life!

Here’s to a new year, a new decade, and a new YOU!

Until next time, xoxo! 🦊



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