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Tips on Living Longer!

Tips on Living Longer!

Happy Halloween y’all! Since it’s Halloween time and it’s the celebration of the
“Day of the Dead,” I started thinking about longevity and living life. As you probably know, I turned 55 this year, and now I want to elongate my lifespan as best I can! I read up on some advice from some centenarians (people who have lived past 100 years old), and I want to share some of their best advice… plus some things Dr. Ricky (my hubby) and I are sure that work!

Tips for Longevity

1) First and foremost, staying active is imperative! Move it so you don’t lose it! Many health problems come from a lack of movement. Don’t be sedentary! Make sure to stay active so your muscles, joints, and bones can keep working! It’s important to try to maintain flexibility as we age. Even a daily walk will help! Take the stairs instead of the elevator… little changes can make a big difference. This is a simple and realistic behavior that keeps your heart healthy, your mind motivated, and keeps diseases at bay.

2) Another important piece of this longevity strategy is to pay attention to what you put in your body. Try your best to make natural, organic food selections, avoiding any foods with labels. And certainly, avoid it if you can’t pronounce the ingredients on the label. If you want to get serious about this, stay tuned and check out my new diet… I’ve designed it specifically for longevity!

3) Remember to think positively! Keep that positive attitude no matter what. Turn lemons into lemonade like the saying goes! Staying around for many years to come has just as much to do with our minds as it does our bodies. We have to stay optimistic so we can continue staying on the path to good health even as we age! Be sure to count your blessings when you’re feeling down—this is always a helpful practice to shift your mindset to something more positive!

I’ve learned that it does you no good to wallow in self-pity. Yes, we will all face difficult things in life, but we have to keep moving forward and keep our spirits high. I’ve been through a lot in my life, but one of the main things that has gotten me through it all is a positive attitude. If I can do it, then you can, too!

4) You’ve got to be social if you want to stick around for a long time. Don’t isolate yourself! Get involved in something. Join a group that goes on outings. Adopt a pet! Studies have shown adopting a pet makes people happy, calms the nerves, gives you purpose and you’re saving a life! Not to mention the tremendous love you get each and every day! It’s a win, win! The people who tend to live the longest are the ones who have a support system around them, catching them when they fall and motivating them when they need it. Revamp your social life! Remember that you aren’t alone.

5) Practice gratitude because your mindset really does affect your health. Our mental outlook influences everything from our cardiorespiratory health to our sleep patterns to our posture. Adopting a mindset focused on growing, learning, and loving opens us up to new experiences. It facilitates creativity. It makes us more likely to take better care of those around us and of ourselves.

Advice from a Centenarian

One of my clients is from Spain. Her grandmother, along with most of her elderly relatives, is a centenarian. Her best advice is to drink a taste of clean, red wine every night and to cook your food in olive oil and garlic. She added that it’s best to eat vegetables as much as possible!! By clean wine, she’s referring to wine without preservatives. It’s easier to find clean wine in the Old World—Ricky and I discovered this while visiting Portugal over the summer. We enjoyed the best wine we have ever tasted out of a clay pitcher… the wine had never been bottled… so fresh! When we came back to the states, we signed up to sell clean wines because we were so impressed!  

To wrap it up, don’t let this season pass you by without considering what you can do to invest in your health. We only get one mind and one body… treat them well! Remember these tips for longevity as you finish up the week!

Cheers to a longer, healthier life! Happy Halloween, y’all! Day of the Dead… not for us! Join me at www.laurenfoxondemand.com, or at least read my blog posts! There’s a lot more good information there, and it’s all free! 

Until next time, xoxo! 🦊

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