How to Challenge Yourself to Change Yourself-Lauren Fox On Demand

How to Challenge Yourself to Change Yourself

How to Challenge Yourself to Change Yourself

Hi Friends! It’s Lauren from “Lauren Fox On Demand” again to talk with you about ways to push past your comfort zone to make REAL changes.  Innovation doesn’t come without a little change & neither do results.  I know that change is hard & it takes a lot of courage, patience, willpower & time. But you are worth the investment & effort, so let’s talk about it from an exercise perspective.  Think of how excellent the change will be when you have to wear smaller clothes, you feel healthier & are more energized!

1- Maybe you already work out, but you walk into a gym without a real routine or with the same old workout you’ve been doing & you go through it without real intention & no change.  You see the body’s natural response is to adapt to the stimuli placed on it.  If you do the same routine for more than 12 weeks at a time, then you quit seeing change.  To overcome this, you must mix it up & vary your training intensity.  At my exercise studio, Sleek Physique, we always offer a variety of classes so you keep getting results. For example, my Celeb Barre class which is featured on “Lauren Fox On Demand” is always different so I keep your body changing. That’s why I am a big proponent of exercise classes because It’s a no-brainer, follow the leader, be motivated & you will get results as long as you do it consistently.

2- But if the consistency isn’t there, neither are the results!  So, you must set goals, make appointments for your workouts…challenge yourself to do a workout at least 4-5 times a week. 6 is even better!

Strive to double the amount you are doing now!

3- Shift your mindset from thinking you are an exerciser to you are an athlete! A real athlete on a mission which means you need to set goals for yourself.  For example, maybe you want to train to run your first 5k in 12 weeks or perhaps you want to get into your favorite bikini by Memorial Day. Set a realistic goal & revisit it every day.

Wake up each day with a mantra you tell yourself as you actually visualize your success.  See it, believe it, manifest it! Create a vision board & look at it daily!  These may sound silly, but studies prove it works!

4- Challenge yourself to step it up!  For example, If you have been using 2 pound weights in my arm segment of Celeb Barre, then it is time to move up to 3 pounds! In a nutshell, Go to the next level on amount of weight, amount of repetitions, amount of days you work out & you will begin to chip away the old & make the change!!

Cheers to a new YOU & a new wardrobe!!

Until next time, xoxo! 🦊


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