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Happy Habits
of the Happiest People!

Happy Habits
of the Happiest People!

It’s the little things that make a big difference. I’ve always known this but I’ve been reminded a lot recently! There are so many little things we can do to make our lives just a little bit happier! If you’re stuck in a rut, just know it won’t last! And adopting some of these practices might just help you get out of it!!

Be Kind

Kindness is very often a two-way street. When you are kind to others, it can make them want to be kind in return. Small acts of kindness go a long way. It can even work in unexpected ways… when you’re kind to another person, you may feel more inclined to be kind to yourself! Spread goodness everywhere you go—just make it a habit and soon enough, it will feel like second nature to you! I always smile at everyone and say hello! I might be the only person that actually engages with them all day long—you just never know! Some people are so lonely… it’s sad to think about. I always give compliments, too, but it comes natural and easy for me. My grandfather always told me that I would talk to everyone when I was little, starting from the time I could talk… even in elevators! But being that way totally makes my heart happy!

Kindness asks for nothing in return, but it often brings a great reward! Maybe you aren’t as chatty as I am, so open the door for someone, help an elderly individual with his or her groceries, and even give compliments like I try to do! Being so bold might be difficult for you, but I bet you can at least give a smile and a nod!! Maybe you can find one signature act of kindness that you come back to time and time again! Making this a habit will shift the focus from you to others, and that’s always a good practice. Get out there and spread kindness!

Learn to Forgive

This is a big one. We carry tension in our bodies, and I bet a lot of it comes from things related to past wounds. Emotional wounds! Our emotions directly affect our bodies, and choosing not to forgive someone in your life for causing you pain is only hurting you. It’s time to let it go, ladies! Learn to harness the power of forgiveness and free yourself from the weight. Whatever the other person did to you is done. It cannot be taken back. By holding on to the hurt and negativity, you are robbing yourself of happiness. Forgiveness isn’t always easy… it RARELY is… but it is worth the effort. If you want to free up some emotional space, start letting go of the grudges and saying yes to growth! Exercise, of course, can help you deal with emotional stress and tension, but at the end of the day, the act of forgiveness is what really sets you free and restores your power! And remember… karma is a real thing! Let the powers that be handle things for you… wink, wink! If you don’t believe me, try one of my classes and you might just start believing some karma has got ahold of you!!

Actively Set and Pursue Goals

This may seem like a no-brainer, but so many people miss out on this!  We all know how good it feels to accomplish something we’ve set out to do. We can only experience that pleasure if we have goals to work towards! Be active in setting goals for yourself and then be active in pursuing them! Reward yourself for little victories along the way if that helps you get there. We can’t accomplish anything on accident. Work with intention! Be focused on what you want! This is a powerful tool for improving your life and increasing happiness!

Spend Time with Yourself

The only way to true happiness is to know yourself well. Spend time alone reflecting on your life and the relationships within it. What feeds your soul? What makes you feel alive? What brightens your day? Learn about yourself and how to meet your needs adequately. Seek out stillness and solitude and step away from the rest of the world for a few moments on a regular basis. Find a way to cut to the core of who you are. If you don’t like what you find, make a path to improve! Figure out what makes you, you and capitalize on that! You bring something unique to the world, and you deserve to recognize that in yourself!

We all have room to grow! I know I do! This is something I really need to work on… I’ve got to practice what I preach! Practice that self-care like I wrote about a little while back! I’m going to add some short meditations to the On Demand library along with more yoga stretching. We all need it going into the hustle and bustle of the holiday season… it’ll be here before you know it!

I will say that leading y’all through exercise classes really does feed my soul!! It makes me heart happy! It’s so rewarding seeing the before and after photos keep coming in! Keep up the good work because you are practicing self-care, and when you do, you are better for everyone else in your life. One thing I have done recently is schedule monthly massages. That’s something I should have been doing throughout the years due to all the classes I have taught! But guess what… I wasn’t truly happy and healthy at the time. I was in controlling relationships and I would never have even considered doing such a thing for myself. Please learn from my mistakes and take time for YOU! Please reflect and make changes if you’re anything like the old me! My life is so much better because I started taking care of myself.

Building happy habits is a commitment worth taking. Just like anything else, the more you practice, the better you get. Here’s to becoming the best version of YOU!

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Until next time, xoxo! 


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