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Fitness Christmas
How to Stay in Shape for the Holidays!

Fitness Christmas
How to Stay in Shape for the Holidays!

The time is here… the holiday season! Let's celebrate Christmas! I love the holidays, but I also know that lingering feeling that comes when you start to think about all the Christmas tradition food, sweet drinks, desserts, and other treats… how do we keep up our physical activity and stay in shape with all the temptations?? There are a few little tricks that I want to share with you to help keep you on track with your healthy lifestyle in the face of all the sweet treats and holiday food!

Have a Plan                               

The worst thing you can do is assume you’ll have adequate willpower when you are at a holiday party and you pass the food or drink table. You need to make a plan for what you are willing to have and what you want to say no to. This will be different for everyone, so make your personal plan before the time comes to make a hard decision! Preparation is the key here. Figure out what you need to do for exercise, too! Schedule it in like a work meeting. Decide that you’re going to do it before it’s time to go so you won’t make a holiday, last-minute change and decide not to! Pack your bag, lay your clothes out… whatever it takes!

Be Realistic

Your holiday schedule and your regular schedule are probably not exactly the same. This means your exercise routine won’t be the same, either. You might have family coming to town, parties to host or attend, and more cooking than usual. Whatever the reason, don’t expect to have the same amount of time on your hands. Use the time you do have wisely! Understand that you might not be able to maintain the same level of exercise through the holiday season as you do the rest of the year… and that doesn’t mean you have to quit altogether! Do what you can when you can and be excited about it! Be realistic with your goals so you aren’t constantly feeling like you’ve failed or let yourself down.

Stay Hydrated

Drink you water! Water solves so many problems! When family and friends surround us for the holiday season, it can be easy to forget to keep drinking water! It’s easy to get busy and distracted. And since it’s colder outside, we tend to go for warm drinks! Coffee drinks and hot cocoa might taste nice, but they don’t keep us hydrated! We need to drink water every single day. Try keeping your own water bottle with you while you run errands or do holiday shopping. Make a reminder on your phone that prompts you to drink water every hour. Find what works for you! We need water to keep our skin healthy, allow our digestive system to function properly, and carry nutrients through our bodies. So, drink up, y’all!

Exercise Early

With the holidays, come the parties, events, and family outings…. life can get crazy. If you can, try getting your workout done in the morning so you can keep from getting distracted as the evening rolls around! Let mornings be the time you spend on yourself so you can focus on everything else going on the rest of the day without worrying about when you’ll get to exercise. Do it first and move on with the day!

I know the holidays threaten to take away all the progress you’ve made with your body so far this year, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Keep these simple tips in mind and move forward with confidence! I know y’all can do it! Let me know how I can help!

Until next time, xoxo! 🦊


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