Fit and Fabulous Over 50|Fitness Tips For Women by Lauren Fox

Fit & Fabulous Over 50

Fit & Fabulous Over 50

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Hi Ladies! It’s Lauren Fox again with some good advice to help you take charge of your life…it’s so empowering & I just want to share!

So many ladies I come into contact with through my exercise studio, Sleek Physique, tell me they feel that weight loss is impossible once you reach 50.  They believe weight gain is just an inevitable part of the aging process.  Well, I am here to tell you that you can be the exception to that rule! It is possible to be fit & fabulous at 50+!  It is true that the average American woman will gain 10 pounds with each decade. However, if you just make a few lifestyle changes, then you can beat those odds!

Sometimes when I think about being a mature 54-year-old woman my favorite cat, Tinkerbell, comes to mind. She was a beautiful sleek calico cat until she hit her middle age years, then all of a sudden she was thick in the middle & what I call “matronly looking”.  Well, we might not ever be the size we were at 20 again, but we do not have to settle for matronly!!!

I want to share a few tips “Tips to save your hips” that can make a big difference in your overall health & well being making you feel better & look better overall!  Whether you are struggling with a slowing metabolism (most of us are), more sedentary behavior or you’ve just let your eating habits slip out of control, once you hit 50, weight loss can be challenging.  However, research shows that weight loss is still possible with healthy eating & regular exercise in conjunction with making some better choices.

Tips for losing weight after 50:

1-Eat out less…impossible for me & most of our lives today with our work schedules! But if at all possible try to cook a minimum of 3 healthy meals a week. It is somewhat easier with all the new meal prep companies that ship straight to your door, but I know that can even be overwhelming at times. When eating out I opt for salad with grilled shrimp (no croutons)!  You can put dressing on the side as well! Grilled Fish is always a good choice with a healthy veggie instead of potatoes. However, sweet potatoes are actually a great choice as long as they are not topped with loads of sugar or glaze!

I always say no bread so I am not even tempted to eat it & if at a Mexican restaurant no chips!  FYI:  tomatoes in the hot sauce aren’t good for you either! I will save that for another blog!

2-No processed foods, only whole foods because our bodies can’t handle it anymore with our metabolism being shot!  I remember the days when I ate rolls of cookie dough, but if I did that today I would gain 10 pounds overnight!

FYI: even young people today should not eat processed foods like we could do when we were young because so many foods are genetically modified causing a childhood obesity epidemic! Another blog for later!

3-You must do Strength Training as part of a regular exercise routine!  Not only do we need to do it to combat bone density loss at our age, but we need it to build lean muscle mass to help increase your daily metabolic rate. Muscle burns a much higher percentage of calories at rest versus globby body fat!  You can always come work it with me at my studio or through my new global program, “Lauren Fox On Demand”! You can find it at

4-Intermittent Fasting- I was always taught through my professional training to never skip meals, but I am not sure I agree with that theory anymore.  I am currently researching intermittent fasting. My fiance’, Dr. Ricky Fox, who is the nutrition counselor at my business totally believes in this new approach. It’s great for rebooting your system, longevity & has many anti-aging benefits which is definitely at the forefront of my mind these days!  I will discuss this at more length in the coming weeks, but for now try doing the following.  Try not eating between 8pm & 12 noon the next day.  So basically 16 hours of fasting & 8 hours of eating each day. As long as your health is good & you fast safely, you can do intermittent fasting as often as you like. To get the most benefit, fasting regularly is recommended.

5-make sure you get enough sleep!

Sleep deprivation is very common at our age due to so many hormonal changes occurring with the onset of menopause.  Aside from being a grumpy walking zombie, lack of sleep can affect our health in some very dangerous ways. Not enough rest can put you at risk for chronic conditions linked to cardiovascular issues, arrhythmia, high blood pressure & diabetes. Poor sleep habits age us & increases cortisol, a stress hormone that impairs skin collagen production & elasticity of skin. (We do not need any speeding up with that for sure!) And one of the worst things lack of sleep can do is lead to weight gain!

Just try incorporating these tips into your daily life so you can live a better life in your golden years. This is our time so let’s make the best of it…just remember what I am constantly telling my clients…be Magnificent, not Mediocre!

Until next time, xoxo! 🦊


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