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Commit to Get Fit

Commit to Get Fit

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Hey y’all, Lauren Fox here! I am officially married to the love of my life, Ricky Fox, and I am so excited I could burst!! We spent some time away in Cabo, and now that I’m back, I wanted to share this post with y’all. I missed you all dearly!!

Love and exercise have a lot in common. It’s fun and exciting, but it’s work, too. It won’t always be perfect with the one you love, and your workout plan won’t always be perfect either! Both are relationships—you and your partner and you and your exercise routine. The similarity I want to focus on today is the commitment it takes to make it work. You must COMMIT to GET FIT!

Getting in shape and falling in love both require a level of commitment that can be hard at times. It can be scary! But when you really commit to your fitness goal, just like you commit to the person you love, things change. You can start seeing more clearly because you’re not being hostile toward your body! You accept where you’re at, make a plan to reach a goal, and commit to making it happen! Like making a vow!

Ladies, if you want to get fit, it’s time to COMMIT. Make a plan. Schedule in your workouts like you would a work meeting or a doctor’s appointment. Build it in so you have no excuse to get out. Whatever it takes to commit to your goal, do it! Go all the way! There is nothing better than finishing what you start and being proud of what you achieved along the way.

We all deserve to feel good about our bodies, but you can’t expect it to happen overnight. The most drastic, positive transformations I’ve seen in my women at Sleek Physique happened because they decided to commit to showing up and putting in the effort even when they didn’t want to. For all my married ladies out there—I know you don’t always want to do what your husband wants to do, but because you love him, because you’re committed to him, you’re willing to give up what you want at times. Exercise is the same way! You commit because you care. You care about yourself, your body, your overall health, and your goals. If nothing else, show up because you told yourself you would! Be somebody you can count on. Commit to the work and you’ll be AMAZED at what can happen.

I am here to help you do this! That’s one of the reasons I love Lauren Fox on Demand… it helps you commit when you can’t make it to class! Or, if you live in another city and still want to “work the barre like a star,” Lauren Fox on Demand is the way to do it!

All it takes is you deciding to stick with it even when it’s tough—please reach out if you need help committing to your exercise goals or want help figuring out what those goals are for you! I am here to help you be the best you can be. It’s time to commit to get fit!!

Until next time, xoxo! 🦊


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