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Have you ever heard of collagen? If not, today’s your lucky day! I’m teaming up with my friend Stephanie Easterling to write this post and give you all the info and resources you need to be in the know about this vital part of healthy living!

What is Collagen?

If you’re unfamiliar, collagen is a protein that is a part of cartilage, bone, and other tissues in people and animals. It’s most known for keeping our skin and joints healthy, though it aids in many bodily functions. There are many types of collagen. Types 1 and 3 are often taken together to support skin, hair, bone, and nail health. Type 2 helps cartilage and joints. Though it’s good to take collagen supplements, our bodies do produce it.

How Our Bodies Make Collagen

Obviously, it’s great when bodies do what they are supposed to, right?? As we age, this tends to become harder than we’d like, and parts of our health start threatening to fall apart. But it’s good to understand how our bodies make collagen naturally and how you can identify a potential collagen deficiency!

In an ideal world, the body makes collagen by combining amino acids (nutrients you get from protein-rich foods), Vitamin C, zinc, and copper. The best food for boosting collagen specifically is bone broth, a lot of it. But, even if you are eating healthy and your body is making collagen on its own, there is no harm in taking supplements! Some signs that you may be collagen deficient are wrinkles, stiff tendons and ligaments, shrinking or weakening muscles, joint pain, discomfort or osteoarthritis, and gastrointestinal problems.


Both Stephanie and I have learned the importance of having enough collagen! It really does make a difference, especially for those of us over 40 or 50!! We both sell supplements through Modere and take them ourselves. Tablespoon AM and PM is all plus, it also has Hyaluronic Acid and Chondroitin!!!

Liquid BioCell® - the new generation of collagen, redefining the way we age and how we perform. Every product is formulated with our exclusive Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology to support joint and muscle fitness and connective tissue health, counteract skin photoaging, restore youthful skin, and support healthy hair, nails, gums and eyes.

Collagen - Derived from the same molecule that we have in our own bodies (our bodies recognize it and use it to produce more collagen).

H/A or Hyaluronic Acid - a clear, gooey substance that is naturally produced by your body. The largest amounts of it are found in your skin, connective tissue, and eyes. Its main function is to retain water to keep your tissues well lubricated and moist.  It helps hydrate your skin to look plumper.

Chondroitin Sulfate - an important structural component of cartilage and provides much of its resistance to compression.  Shock absorber!

There are four different formulas of the Modere Liquid BioCell Collagen Supplement. We have Pure, Life, Skin, and Sport.  There’s a little breakdown of the differences below! All are taken 1 tablespoon in the morning and 1 tablespoon at night. You can take them directly by drinking or they can be added to any liquid or food.

Pure is sweetened with Stevia and is less than 5 calories. It’s great for people with fruit allergies or who don’t want added sugar or carbs.

Life is made of 13 super fruits and has a sweet taste. It has great anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular benefits!

Skin has a variety of supporting ingredients, like ceramides, that plump and lift the skin. It also contains bamboo extract, antioxidants and other benefits with super fruits.

Sport is best for building muscle due to the added amino acids—great for recovery, endurance and focus. It’s great for professional athletes as it is NSF certified, meaning while it is a performance enhancer, it will not show up on a drug screen.

Backed by multiple clinical studies, Liquid BioCell® is redefining the multi-billion-dollar anti-aging industry and has been recognized with 7 U.S. and international patents plus numerous industry awards.

  • Nutra-Ingredient Awards Winner -    Editor’s Pick (Remedies Magazine)
  • Best Joint Health Supplement -    Anti-Aging Award Winner
  • Exemplary US Brand, Beauty from within -    Finalist, Most Innovative Dietary Ingredient
  • Frost & Sullivan Personal Care New Product Innovation -    Nutraceutical Business & Technical Award
  • Frost & Sullivan Best Bone & Joint Health Ingredient
  • Editor’s Pick (Remedies Magazine)
  • Anti-Aging Award Winner
  • Finalist, Most Innovative Dietary Ingredient
  • Nutraceutical Business & Technical Award

Take a look and see which formula of collagen supplement from Modere might be right for you! All of these formulas are great because they have molecules that are smaller than many other sources, making them the most absorbable for our bodies! Other powders, capsules, and tablets do work, but this liquid collagen supplement works faster! Our bodies can absorb the nutrients without having to break down a solid first! Liquid is the most efficient way, and that’s just one reason why this supplement is so great! If you are interested in purchasing a Modere liquid collagen supplement from me, use this link to order!

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