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Brain Boost

Brain Boost

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Hey y’all! Lauren here from Lauren Fox on Demand! Today I’m writing about some of the benefits exercise has on your brain! That’s right—getting fit is also a brain boost!

When you do aerobic exercise, or cardio, your heart rate increases and gets more blood flowing to your brain. While that’s happening, you’re probably breathing harder, too. This brings more oxygen to your brain! The increase of oxygen in your bloodstream is what causes more neurons to be made, and this happens in the part of your brain that controls memory and thinking! To wrap it up… this whole process is why exercise is often believed to improve memory in the long-term.

Did you know that as we age, our brain tissue shrinks? The generation of new brain cells slows down the older we get, resulting in less physical brain tissue. But not to fear… This is another reason exercise is a brain boost because it can reverse this part of aging! Studies have shown an increase in brain volume after six months of consistent aerobic activity.  Stretching and minor physical activity is always good, but it’s getting to the point of heart rate increase that really makes the difference!

Exercise is also shown to help fight depression and anxiety. When we exercise, our bodies produce higher levels of serotonin and dopamine, which are brain chemicals instrumental in lifting our mood. And I’m sure you’ve all heard of endorphins… those are the feel-good chemicals that kick in right after a good workout. Exercise plays a key role in boosting your mood as a result of these brain chemicals!

One of the most useful, complex brain boosts we get from exercise is the improvement of executive function—aka cognitive abilities like focusing on a complex task, organizing, and abstract thinking. Exercise has deeper brain benefits than you may think!

The next time you go to work out, remember you’re doing for your body AND your brain! Join me at Lauren Fox on Demand to get the brain boost you need!

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