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Bone Health
How About Dem Bones?

Bone Health
How About Dem Bones?

Happy Halloween, y’all! In honor of the fall holiday, I wanted to talk about bones!! Bone health is important for all ages, but especially for those of us over 40 and 50!

The Importance of Exercise

When we exercise, it helps our bones in a number of ways. It helps preserve bone density, which is more important than many people realize! Bone is made up of living tissue just like muscle is. It responds to exercise… we achieve greater bone density when we are active! Many studies have shown that bone mass peaks during our thirties and starts to decline after that. But exercise can help us from losing bone density as we age, so it’s important to keep up the hard work! Y’all know I always talk about sweating sexy and this is a big reason why!! The more we move, the better shape our bones will be in.

Though all exercise is good, weight-bearing and resistance exercises are best for bone health. Think about it… you’re working against gravity. More work for your body to do, which means more strength and bone density! Good exercises are hiking, jogging, playing tennis, climbing stairs, cycling and even dancing! Y’all know I love dancing!! My classes are great because you get everything you need for “dem bones, dem bones, dem healthy bones!!”


This is a major concern for many aging women… even more reason to take care of our bones while we have the chance! If you have osteoporosis, be sure to consult your doctor on what exercises are best and safe for you to do. It’s important to protect your spine with this condition… stay away from any exercise that involves a lot of flexing, bending, or twisting of the spine. This can compromise its stability and put you at risk for injury!

Exercise is only a piece of taking care of yourself if you have osteoporosis. You also need to make sure you are getting enough calcium and vitamin D! These two things help strengthen bones at any age, really! We all need to be sure we are getting ample amounts of both!

Fox Fitness Project

As some of you may know, Dr. Ricky and I founded the Fox Fitness Project, a nonprofit to fight childhood obesity! And when it comes to bone health in children, nutrition and exercise are just as important! Some new studies are showing that kids nowadays are more sedentary than in previous generations. This is contributing to bone problems later on! As kids, it’s important to exercise to build bone density to capacity! This is yet another reason Dr. Ricky and I are so passionate about our nonprofit… we believe that every kid deserves a healthy life, and not all of them have people in their lives who know how to provide that for them! Bone health isn’t just a consideration for us men and women over 50… it matters for all ages!!

Are you ready to get serious about your health? Want to strengthen “dem bones” and get on a path in the right direction? You are in the right place. We are here to help!! We only get one body – take care of it! It’s truly the most important thing you have! Check out my library of exercise videos… I’m always adding new ones! Remember to take care of yourself and keep moving!

Until next time, xoxo! 🦊


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