Beach Body Countdown!|fitness tips for women by Lauren Fox On Demand

Beach Body Countdown!

Beach Body Countdown!

A Girl On Barre Fitness Tips by Lauren Fox On Demand

Summer is almost here… but you still have time to get in some nips and tucks! Put in the work now and see the results when you’re ready to bask in the summer sun! All it takes is a little bit every day and you’ll be beach body ready in no time!

It’s the little things that add up… so here are a few tips for making the most of the spring to get ready for summer! Instead of taking the elevator, try taking the stairs. Go for water, not soda. Do some small exercises throughout the day if you’re able. Remember, any movement is better than no movement! Schedule your workouts like an appointment—lock it in! If you normally workout three times a week, try making it four or five times a week! Come work the barre like a star with me, or workout in the comfort of your home with Lauren Fox on Demand! Figure out what it takes for you to get to work and go for it!

Think about this—if you cut 500 calories a day (the equivalent of a Starbucks Venti Caramel Frappuccino with whipped cream), in 7 days you’ve already cut 3,500, which is what it takes to lose a pound in a healthy way! Since it’s about 7 weeks until Memorial Day, you could cut enough calories to lose around 7 pounds in time for the holiday weekend! All by cutting out 500 calories per day. If you’re not into Frappuccino’s and want to find a way to cut those calories, try thinking of it like a bagel with cream cheese, about four pieces of bacon, or even a Chick-fil-a Grilled Chicken Sandwich and Side Salad. By making small, healthy decisions, you can set yourself up for big rewards later on!

I know y’all can do it… let’s get our beach bodies ready for summer!
Hope to see you soon!

Until next time, xoxo! 🦊


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