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What does that look like today?

What does that look like today?

Your perspective of “older” changes as you age! Studies show, we are living longer these days, and that tends to make the way we view old age very different. How we view ourselves changes constantly as we age, too. Plus, times are different… in my grandmother’s day, they made weekly trips to the beauty shop (at age 50!) to have their gray and white hair fixed matronly! Not so much anymore! Thank the Lord because I’m not ready to throw in the towel yet!

I love to tell people my age because they never believe me, and that’s always great to hear! I remember when I thought 55 was so old!! Well, not anymore! I feel better in my skin than I ever have before! That wisdom thing is truth!! It’s like I finally know myself, get myself, and see younger people close to me beginning to learn (or at least needing to). When you do, it’s called soul growth and it’s a beautiful thing!

It’s so important to stay active and not curl up and die like many people think older people should do!! Young or older, we all need physical activity. The reduced risk of chronic diseases, increased life expectancy, reduced risk of heart disease, reduced risk of dying early and simply making the aging process much easier are all worthy elements to keep yourself in a healthy lifestyle! I plan to teach some form of exercise for the rest of my life! It may end up being chair aerobics, but you can bet your bottom dollar I will teach it!

As you age, you also get to escape scrutiny, and that is one of the best things about aging! You don’t feel like you are getting that evil side eye as much from others if you are out looking your best! And if you are getting it, when they hear your age, then their entire body language changes towards you! It goes from, “who does she think she is?!” to “go girl, you are killing it!” It’s so freeing! You no longer care what others think of you; you own it, and that is so amazing in itself! That’s why I say embrace aging with grace because it just keeps getting better as long as you take care of yourself! Our mantra should be: “Like fine wine we get better over time!” Cheers!

Given how much longer people are living and how much healthier they are at that time, our ideas of age are indeed changing. People in their 40's and 50's (like me) are treating aging differently than previous generations. “40 is the new 30” and I like it!

You make so many mistakes in your 20's thinking your 30's will be so much better, but most of us still make some of those same mistakes again until we start to figure some of it out. Your 40's can be very productive and wonderful because you do start to feel good in your own skin. I am loving my 50's, and at 55, I feel like I am finally to that “wiser” spot you hear about becoming when you are older! You just know you know what you know, and you no longer need the approval of others. You are less judgmental and more forgiving, which is a plus!

In 2018 Michigan State University conducted an online survey and the majority thought that old age begins at 50... oh my goodness! The older adults who say they feel younger than they actually are turn out to be the ones who normally live longer, healthier lives for the most part. Saying is believing!

Also, the statistics are in, and the more active you stay, the better you age overall. Fact: people who have a positive attitude about aging tend to age slower. There are reports that people who have negative attitudes tend to walk slower as they age, have a greater likelihood for brain changes that lead to Alzheimer’s disease, and can even be at risk of a reduction in lifespan!

Research has found that a positive attitude and exercise are the top two components to aging slower. No “grumpy old men attitudes” and you are on your way to a brighter future! Laughing has been found to be beneficial, so always try to see the humor in things!

Stay active by at least walking—and participate in my classes at I show modifications for every move, plus, I am starting to add more 30-minute beginner classes to get you started if it’s been a while since you exercised. I truly want to help, so please feel free to email me with any questions, etc. at

Until next time stay positive, eat your fruits and vegetables, get moving and enjoy the rest of your wonderful life!

Until next time, xoxo! 🦊


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