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A Few of my Favorite Foxy Things

A Few of my Favorite Foxy Things

Lauren Fox-Founder of Lauren Fox on Demand offers barre workout plans

People are constantly asking what my favorite things are as far as workout gear goes, such as shoes, sports bras, leggings, etc., so I thought I would play Oprah for a moment and give y’all a list! I actually wrote a magazine article on it back in 2016, but I have some new things to add!

Let’s start from the bottom up, because shoes are the most important exercise choice you will make. If you don’t choose the correct shoe based on the way you walk, then you will be plagued with shin splints, rolled ankles, or worse.

So, first things first… wet your feet, then walk on dry concrete or cardboard. Analyze your footprints. See if the pressure is to the outside of your foot (supination), just balanced across the entire foot (neutral), or all to the inside (pronation). You can also look at a pair of shoes you wear a lot. Are the soles worn out along the outer edges? You’re most likely a supinator. Are the soles worn most on the inner edges? Then you’re like me…

I’m over-pronator, so I need a more stabilizing shoe. If you’re a supinator, or under-pronator, you’ll need a more cushioned shoe to avoid impact injuries. If you are neutral, look for a neutral shoe. You’ve got a lot of options! Over-pronation can cause shin splints, heel pain, and bunions, just to name a few, and I always know I need new shoes when I start to get shin splints!

Bottom line—you need to buy the shoe that is right for you.

I love Asics and Adidas Alpha Bounce shoes. The Alpha Bounce shoes are so good-looking that I recommend them foranyone just to wear out and about. It’s when you are going to exercise that theshoe fit is the most important, but the Alpha Bounce serves both purposes forme.

When it comes to socks, there’s only one kind I will wearwhen I teach because they are so fabulous—the Balega Hidden Comfort Socks. You can order themon Amazon, which makes it easy. No need to try anything else!

As far as leggings go, I love so many! I order from Liquido Active, Carbon 38, and Beyond Yoga. You want leggings that will let you feel good while you exercise and stay on without constricting your movement.

For sports bras, I like Brooks Moving Comfort and the Under Armour Eclipse High. Both offer great support with a great look.

If you’re into athletic skirts, my favorite place to order from is Lucky in Love.

My favorite yoga mat is Manduka Pro. There are a lot of yoga mats out there, but this one is hard to beat in my book.  

You know you need a water bottle to stay hydrated! My favorite is S’well—BPAfree and fashionable!

When I wear ear buds, I always use my Bose Sound Sport Wireless Headphones, which you can order on Amazon.

To wrap it all up, I keep my gear in my all-time favorite gym bag—the Sweaty Betty Luxe, perfect for making a trip to the gym in the midst of a crazy busy day and cute enough to carry on your way in or out.

Do yourself a favor and try these products if you’re looking for something new! See which ones you love as much as I do, then create your own list! It’s a great place to start to feel motivated about staying healthy and looking good.

Until next time, xoxo! 🦊


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