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"I help busy women get a meaningful weekly workout at home so they look FABULOUS, feel healthy, and are full of energy!"

Are you looking for a workout that will get you massive RESULTS fast? One that fits into YOUR schedule? Do you want to have FUN while getting fit & fabulous? Congratulations! Your search is finally over!

I'm Lauren Fox and my passion and mission in life is to help you FEEL GREAT, LOOK FANTASTIC, and LIVE LONGER with my one of a kind Celeb Barre class! I believe I have found the "fountain of youth" with this fusion class which incorporates arm work, barre work, cardio dance, Pilates & yoga stretch. Come join me on Lauren Fox On Demand & get in the BEST shape of your life - all on YOUR schedule!




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About Lauren

Lauren Fox is a master instructor and founder of Lauren on Demand, Sleek Physique, a boutique fitness studio, and Fox Fitness Project, a non-profit to help fight childhood obesity. Lauren has been teaching fitness since 1980. She loves helping people learn to adopt healthier lifestyles and become the best version of themselves.

"Any woman can become lean and fit using my video classes because they use your body's built in fat-burning furnace!"

~Lauren Fox

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Would you like to speak with one of Lauren's fitness consultants about your unique situation and your goals or ask questions? Great! We'd LOVE to speak with you!

Real People. Real Results.



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